2010 August

Posts made in August, 2010

Blue Ridge Surveying & Mapping

Founded in 2006, Blue Ridge Surveying and Mapping provides a variety of surveying services for Southwest Virginia. Whether your needs are boundary surveys, topographical mapping, or erosion and sediment control planning, Blue Ridge Surveying and Mapping is close at hand.

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Med-Fit Systems, Inc.

Nautilus Commercial Products
Independence, Virginia is home to Med-Fit Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of Nautilus Commercial Products. On February 19, 2010 they acquired the Nautilus Commercial Products manufacturing plant and intellectual property, continuing twenty-three years of physical therapy and senior care products manufacturing in Grayson County.

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Final Touch

Final Touch is a wood products business which was incorporated in the Blue Ridge Crossroads in 2007. Their product is a unique wood-filler used for all sorts of wood repairs, including wood patching, repairing edges, trowel and grain filling, and spot patching. Final Touch takes pride in providing a quality product and helping the local economy by keeping its manufacturing operation here in Galax.

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